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10 Foods that Burn Fat even while you Rest

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

Scientists have known for quite some time that certain foods are better at burning fat than others.

Those fat burning foods are called Thermogenic Foods or just a fancy way of saying foods that heat up your body or speed up metabolism.

What it means is that you now need more calories to process and absorb these foods resulting in a higher caloric burn even if sitting and doing nothing.

The Thermogenic Foods:

1) Ginger: contains a thermogenic compound known as capsaicin. Add raw ginger to your food daily or drink a ginger tea (preferably with honey, stevia or monk fruit as a sweetener)

2) Turmeric: curcumin is the active ingredient and is both a trigger for fat burning and an anti-inflammatory.

3) Pepper: usually loved by Caribbean people, hot peppers not only turn up the heat but the capsaicin causes the calorie burn. It’s probably one the most potent thermogenic foods.

4) Cinnamon: while it causes a calorie burn it is a good anti-inflammatory and helps to lower glucose levels. Add some cinnamon to your smoothies, food or tea.

5) Coffee: coffee lovers will love to know this but the coffee should not be sweetened as this will negate its fat burning effects. Add some MCT oil to it for an extra boost and burn.

6) Green tea: green tea has caffeine and catechins which are both powerful thermogenic compounds as well as anti-inflammatory agents. Have a cuppa in the morning!

7) Coconut oil: the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil and in particular MCT oil has a boosting effect on metabolism. Add MCT oil to your green tea or coffee a couple times a day.

8) Mushrooms: mushrooms contain proteins and can increase metabolism; so go ahead and have some daily.

9) Avocados: widely available locally, avocados pack a punch as its monounsaturated fats trigger fat-burning hormones. It’s also an excellent source of rich antioxidants.

10 ) Lentils: due to its high fibre and protein, lentils are a good way to increase your metabolism. Channa and other beans and peas can also be used.

Worthy mentions: eggs, salmon, turkey, flaxseeds, almonds, pumpkin seeds, grapefruit juice and apple cider vinegar.

Make sure you use those foods daily and together with intermittent fasting, exercise, and a restful sleep, you’ll be sure to lose a few inches from the waistline and improve your health.

What are you waiting for to boost your metabolism? Start today!

Dr. Navi Muradali, DDS, MBBS is a medical doctor with a special focus on the oil and gas sector. He was a former City Medical Officer of Health (CMOH) and is the founder of Virtual Wellness.

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