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5 Reasons Why Trinis Die- Illustrated

The data collected comes from the WHO, CDC, UN & The World Bank over the past few years.

Sources: HERE

Covid-19 deaths for 2021 have already surpassed 900 at the time of this post.

Therefore, Covid-19 is one of the top 5 causes of death in 2020-2021 for Trinidad & Tobago.

The non-communicable causes of death over the past decade have been due to poor food choices, obesity and lack of exercise, poor lifestyle choices such as smoking and alcohol, and risk factors generally associated with family history.

Lifestyle changes must be modified by personal & corporate responsibility, as well as shifting public policy towards providing greater access and affordability of healthier, nutrient-rich foods compared to refined and processed "junk" food.

The Top 5 Causes of Death are illustrated below:

Dr. Camille Ali, MD, is a practicing medical doctor at the Healthnet Clinic, JTA Complex, Couva, Trinidad (285-4641). She is also an on-call physician on Virtual Wellness.

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