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The War Has Changed- Covid-19 and the Delta Variant unmasked

A recent CDC reports sheds some light on the Covid-19 vaccinations and some chilling details about the Delta variant.

We may expect the following in Trinidad & Tobago when the Delta variant arrives.

Therefore, we must do what we can to protect ourselves and our families.

1) The Delta variant is highly contagious; as contagious as Chickenpox and much more than the ‘flu’. It appears that persons infected with the Delta variant carry a greater viral load. The greater the viral load, the greater potential for shedding of the virus and more persons becoming exposed and infected.

Taken from the CDC Report, July 30th 2021.

2) Infections with the Delta variant seem to be more severe than with the previous Covid variants. This means more severe symptoms requiring hospitalisation and increased likelihood of death.

3) Breakthrough cases may be as transmissible as unvaccinated cases. This means that persons who have been vaccinated, partially or fully, and get infected with the Delta variant may spread the virus in a similar manner to the unvaccinated. This finding may be as a direct result of the greater viral load associated with the Delta variant. This, however, does not suggest that persons who are vaccinated are unprotected against the Delta variant. The next few points will elaborate.

4) Vaccines prevent 90% of severe disease, but may be less effective at preventing transmission or infection of the Delta variant. It means that vaccines still offer the best chance of preventing hospitalisation and death than those who remain unvaccinated.

5) We should expect more breakthrough and more community spread with the Delta variant. As more and more people become vaccinated, we can expect more breakthrough cases as well as more unvaccinated persons becoming infected within the communities and in congregations. The Covid-19 protocols that we have gotten accustomed to must now be reinforced; wash hands, wear masks, and watch your distance.

6) Vaccinated persons must continue to wear masks to prevent the spread of the Delta variant to others; both the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Again, this is due to the higher viral loads seen in persons with the Delta variant.

7) Groups at higher risk of primary vaccine failure are also at higher risk of Covid-19 infections. The immunocompromised (weakened immune states seen in those on steroids, cancer treatment drugs, HIV, or without a spleen) and the elderly may not produce enough antibodies against the vaccines and therefore are at a higher risk of severe infections.

8) Vaccines are available at mass vaccination sites, local health centres and some private GPs. Don't wait for the Delta variant to reach and then to rush to get vaccinated. Go today.

9) The Delta variant is now the dominant variant in the UK and in many parts of the world.

10) As of August 1st 2021, Trinidad & Tobago has had no confirmed cases of the Delta variant. However, it is not if but when it will arrive on our shores.

Get Vaccinated!

Learn more: Delta Variant

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